5 mistakes people usually make while taking ICBC claim

5 mistakes people usually make while taking ICBC claim

The ICBC is an auto insurance claim settled by British Columbia. According to one of the reports, it processes around 900,000 claims that are a huge figure arising out of serious or minor injuries. Not all of these claims may result in a payout even if your claim is quite valid. The little mistake while filling up the documents may lead to denial in the recovery amount. Here are some five serious mistakes that people make while filling up the ICBC claim.

Do not go for faster settlement

Most of the accident victims come under the influence of the insurance agents and decide to settle their claims faster. One should not do this, as you are not aware of the gravity of your injuries. Even the future medical attention may be required if the condition worsens. People must take proper medications and keep an account of the medical costs before filing the claim.

Take the information about other driver

When the accident takes place, and you do not find any clue about the other driver’s identity then ICBC may not initiate your claim. If the injuries are not grave, then you can call the police, take the pictures of the car and number plate, etc. Moreover, if the accident is severe, then the legal advisor hired on the behalf of the driver must take the notice of witnesses who have seen the accident. People do not care about these things and end up losing on the monetary amount.

File accident claim before deadline

Many accident victims keep on waiting for the receipts of their medical costs that may delay your ICBC claim filing process. The ICBC does not take any obligation of providing the claim after the deadline is over. The victim can only sue for maintenance after taking the recourse of action through the proper channel.

Not visiting the doctor

After the accident takes place, many people undergo severe depression or anxiety problems at times. The accident victims do not visit the doctor or tell them about these symptoms. It is necessary for the patients to visit the doctor, tell them about the symptoms or problems they are facing to get the correct diagnosis. The person will only be compensated correctly under the ICBC claim if their proper diagnosis is in front of the agency.

Speaking directly with ICBC representative

The ICBC representative takes the full note of all the conversations they make with you while visiting you at your hospital or home. The defense lawyer may twist the conversations at any time, and your claim can be refused. The best thing is that your hired lawyer handles this matter.

To conclude, if the accident victims want their ICBC claim to be provided timely, then they must avoid doing the above-stated mistakes.