What does community health survey state about injuries and prevention

What does Community Health Survey state about injuries and prevention?

Canadian people are prone to many types of injuries, especially accidental and work-related injuries that limited their usual activities. Moreover, the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) collected data about the injuries caused to adolescents, working-age or young people, and senior citizens. An average rate of injuries is stated to be between 80% to 90%.

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Types of injuries caused to Canadians

As stated, the statistics on car accident and workplace injuries is higher as compared to other injuries. More than 4.27 million Canadians have suffered severe injuries in the age group of 12 years and older. Here young generation is most prone to injuries. Let us now see various types of injuries occurring in Canada:

  • Sports injuries: The winter sports like skiing, skating, etc. are the leading cause of fatal injuries. Even the ice-covered sidewalks and streets are also one of the causes of falls if children tend to play on them.
  • Unintentional injuries: It mainly includes the injuries caused due to an unintentional fall. The fall may occur in homes, streets, sidewalks or even at homes. This type of injury has to lead to total permanent disability among 50% Canadians and 47% of the Canadians suffered everlasting partial disability.
  • Workplace related injuries: Most of the workers serve in dangerous places like construction sites or manufacturing industries. They are prone to workplace injuries that can give them partial or permanent disability. These can be caused due to slips and falls, overexertion, falling objects, tripping upon objects, etc.
  • Accidental injuries: The car accidents are a major cause of injuries among Canadians. Most of these injuries are caused due to a head-on collision, drunk driving, rash or negligent driving. This has resulted in deaths or severe loss to the people both physically and financially.

Prevention of injuries

People residing in Canada can prevent the above-cited injuries through:

  • The industries must possess clean flooring that can help in the reduction of slips or trips.
  • People suffering from unintentional fall can save themselves through good housekeeping, sweeping and mopping, removal of obstacles from the walkways, etc.
  • Monitoring the health condition of the employees at workplaces
  • Using safety equipment and gears while playing the winter sports
  • Preventing accidental injuries by keeping a check on the speed limit of the vehicles. The health condition of the driver must also be checked. Strict action must be taken against drunken driving cases.

To conclude, the CCHS survey states about the injury insight of Canada but with the help of government and health agencies, the injuries can be prevented through awareness programs.