Why children and youth have to be aware of concussions

Why children and youth have to be aware of concussions?

Sports play an important role in everybody’s life. It goes the same for the Canadian children and youth who are inclined more towards the sports activities. They feel that it binds them with the community, has emotional and physical benefits. But, are they aware of the concussions in sports? Not really, as one of the federal reports suggest that nearly half of the Canadians are not aware of the consequences that can happen because of the concussions. The serious injuries mainly occur during the physical activities or recreation.

Why concussions in sports are rated dangerous?

The injuries arising from playing sports are sometimes unintentional, but they may cause a big deal to the Canadians. The concussion-related injuries lead to death, hospitalization, and disability among the children and young people. Let us see a few pointers that why they seem to be dangerous?

  • The sports like Rugby, Ice Hockey, and Ringette has the highest number of brain-related injuries. This happens to the children and youth in the age group of 5 to 19 years of age and has seen an increase from 27% to 44%.
  • The rate of people being aware of concussions and its after-effects are low to nearly 15%. Only 4 people out of 10 people know about the resources or tools to treat concussions.
  • The harm arising out of the sports activities or recreation activities leads to concussions, mild or severe brain-related injuries. These may sometimes lead to mental trauma or in certain cases death of the patient too.
  • The head injuries prove fatal for the Canadian children and youth as this can lead to permanent disability among them or as stated, death too. Dementia may also occur because of this kind of injury in the long run.

For preventing the children and youth from the sports concussions, the Canadian government along with the schools, colleges, and various sports agencies has devised a framework. This will include creating awareness among the kids and the young people on usage of safety gears in the sports. The various projects are started for the athletes, trainers, coaches, health professionals, educators, parents, and other community leaders to guide the children and youngsters in the right direction.

To wrap up, as most of the Canadians are not aware of the ill-effects of the concussions in sports or traumatic brain injuries, so it is necessary that all the schools and colleges must follow the guidelines issued by the Canadian government. This will lead to minimal sports concussions and prevention.