Everything you need to know about driving and road safety strategies

Everything you need to know about driving and road safety strategies

The casualties caused due to the road crashes is a big challenge for most of the countries to sort out. Most of the countries do have road safety plans but less of the serious following. This makes the driving condition worse. The driving condition also depends upon the infrastructure and the road system in the country.

According to a report, nearly 2,000 people in Canada are killed in the road accident with 10,000 seriously being injured. Moreover, it affects the GDP rate too with 2.2% cost born by the road transportation system in Canada. This has made the Canadian Government and Road Safety agencies to join hands for framing strategies for road safety of the Canadians.

Insight into Canada’s Road Safety Plan

The Canadian Government and other transportation agencies have come up with the road safety strategy for the year 2018 and beyond. This is the 4th road safety strategy that aims at safe system approach. Most of the countries have developed their own road safety plans to safeguard their citizens. Here is an insight into Canada’s Road safety plan strategy for 2018 and beyond:

  • The vision of the road safety strategy is to possess secured roads in the world by using innovative technology and bringing lesser traffic on the roads.
  • The vehicular safety can be increased by creating awareness among the people. Here people living in Canada must commit to following the road safety rules framed by the agencies.
  • The focus is to design and develop better infrastructure for the roads in order to reduce the accidents.
  • To enhance and enforce the legislation designed by the Canadian Road Safety agencies
  • It is important to improve the communication, collaboration, and cooperation among the stakeholders for this road safety strategy. This will help in implementing this strategy in a greater way.
  • To focus on the improvement of the infrastructure of the highways and the roads in Canada. With this, the government needs to improve the safety of vehicles by making people aware to get the servicing at the right time.
  • With proper research and evaluation, road safety is going to improve manifold.
  • The application of modern technology and innovative techniques will assist in leveraging the road safety plan in Canada.

To wrap up, it is necessary to adopt the safety system approach in order to reduce road accidents and deaths. The mechanism used will assist in achieving safety for the citizens of Canada.